Our apartment is our home.

Yesterday K and I received our lease renewal. We had been talking about moving into a house for a while now. There was one that we were really interested in, but we found out yesterday of all days that someone else’s bid was just a bit higher then ours and that we lost it. When I asked K what he wanted to do, he suggest that we stay here at the apartment one more year. He said it was our home and that we could use this year to get married and save up a ton more for another house. After thinking about it for a while I believe that he is right. Sure I really had my heart set on the house, but there are other houses. Better houses. And I really do love this apartment. It is the perfect amount of space for us and our neighbors are super friendly. The maintenance is done by someone else. In a house it isn’t. The only thing that I think I would like to do now is paint a bit. Maybe add an accent wall. There is so much more potential for this apartment and I can’t wait to find it…



3 thoughts on “Our apartment is our home.

  1. Hi! Visiting from SITS… there are definitely benefits to apartments, and now you have another year to search and save for your dream home!

    Love your blog!

  2. I just found your blog from another blog and totally agree with this post. We’re moving to a 2-bedroom apartment tomorrow and I truly believe that an apartment can be just as much of a home as a house. I’ve lived in apartments for most of my life and it really is the people that matter and not the actual place. You’ll find your perfect home someday. Good luck!

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