# 12. Read 30 new books I haven’t read before (6/30) – Second Chance by Jane Green

When I am really sick I like to watch movies and read books. I eat them up. There is something about being able to lie around and read, but know that you have to because you are sick. Usually I find that I have so many other things I need to do or places that I need to go. Being sick makes me stay still for a bit. It makes it ok not to do certain things because you need to get better.
Next to my bed there is a pile of books. I have been meaning to read them, but there has been no time. I am in the middle of three different books, but I just can’t seem to get through them. So on Friday I decided to pick a new one and just reading it all the way through. And that I did with “Second Chance” by Jane Green. It is a pretty simple read, but I enjoyed it.
Second Chance is about a group of old friends in their 30’s gathering to mourn a dear friend who unexpectedly killed in a terrorist attack. The book has wonderful humor, and realistic and heartwarming parts, but falls on flat in the end. The ending itself was pretty predictable, but it was one of those books that you could pick up for the beach, a commute to work, or when you are sick like me – it is a bit of mindless reading. While it wasn’t a terrible book, I’m glad I didn’t purchase it. If you are looking for a book from Jane Green I suggest reading “Jemima J: A Novel About Ugly Ducklings and Swans”. Another mindless read but enjoyable.


One thought on “# 12. Read 30 new books I haven’t read before (6/30) – Second Chance by Jane Green

  1. It kind of sounds like The Big Chill! Sad to hear that it fell flat, though! I’ll definitely take a look at the other book you recommended… I need some new reading material!

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