Me against the strawberry souffle (and I didn’t win!)

This morning K was kind enough to take our friends to the airport. They are going to England for two weeks to visit family and needed someone to take them to the airport and to watch their truck while they are away. Of course we said yes and they were whisked away by my knight in shining armor. Upon K’s return he had strawberries. I was quite confused and he told me that they had taken them on the ride to the airport to eat, but completely forgot about them and then told K to take them home and eat them. We already had a batch in the refrigerator so I had to try and figure out what to do with them. I came up a souffle recipe.
Souffles can seem pretty intimidating. I know I have been intimidated by them for a while. BUT I sucked it up and made them. And man did it come out in a disaster! The weren’t what they were suppose to be. Maybe it was the recipe or maybe it was just me. Either way I am going to clean up the mess and get back on and try to make them another day. Maybe this time I will try with chocolate!


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