Life happens. Blog accordingly!

Whats a girl to do when her schedule is booked and doesn’t have time to blog? She feels bad. Well, I was hoping I could blog in the last couple of days, but life decided to happen. I’m a bit bummed that I missed the last couple of days because I was so close to finishing this months NaBloPoMo, but I was too busy with…

1. Birthdays
My father’s birthday was this Friday. This Saturday we had the whole family get together for one big celebration (it is also my aunts, a close family friends and my birthday this month).

2. Baking
I have made the total of 3 birthday cakes, two crumb cakes, a pie and 2 dozen cookies this week. I love baking, but this week I think I am going to take a break from it (my birthday is this week). Of course this means that I am going to miss this weeks Tuesday’s with Dorie (which I didn’t want to) but I just can’t do it. I need some time away from the oven!

3. Cleaning
I have been dying to go through our kitchen and pantry. Everything needed to be organized because I couldn’t find half the things that I needed for baking. I organized everything and then did the usual housecleaning, laundry and a bit of food shopping.

4. White water rafting
My sister has wanted to go all summer long. Since Sunday was going to be a nice day and the dam was being opened we decided to go. So my sister, her boyfriend, K and I jumped into the car and drove up to PA. It was amazing. The rapids were fun and the company was even better. We did a four mile run this time instead of the two hour like we usually do. Came home exhausted and happy.


6 thoughts on “Life happens. Blog accordingly!

  1. i was tempted to miss this TWD too…
    thanks for your comment on my blueberry squares. let me know how they turn out for you.i love the layout of your blog and how diverse all the categories you have are.

    • Thank you!
      I really didn’t want to miss it, but I just could bake one more thing! Can’t wait till September’s recipes tho!
      I will let you know how the blueberry squares come out!

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