The lone carrot…

{The Lone Carrot}

The other day I decided to try my hand at carrot cupcakes. I had a ton of left over carrots and wanted (no needed) some sweets. What a better way to use carrots then in a cupcake?
Into the kitchen I went. I made the recipe just as the blog suggested (I used a recipe from a popular food blog). I was happy with the batter (of course I tasted it silly!). I placed it in the oven and that is when I decided that the left over fondant I had could be made into little carrots to top each cupcake.
I got to work coloring two different batches of fondant. One green and one orange. I shaped each carrot. I rolled out and cut each leafy end. I put together one carrot when the timer on the oven went off. The kitchen smelled amazing. BUT as I reached into the oven I knew something was terribly wrong. The cupcakes were flat. As I placed them on the counter the middles all collapsed in. I wanted to cry!
All my hard work and no cupcakes to show for it. I have never ever ever failed a cupcake recipe. They are my specialty. I don’t know if it was my fault or the recipes.
So now I have a baggie full of half made fondant carrots and an inflated ego. Who knows if I will try another recipe or just chalk this one up to a bad baking day. Only time can tell…


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