I won? Who me?

Yesterday I won something!
It was completely unexpected on my part. You see I commented on the wonderful website Sweetopia a couple of days ago. They were talking about the site Flour Confections and how it is a great place for baking supplies. I had never heard of the site, so naturally I decided to have a peek. We were asked to comment on what we would put on our wish list from the Flour Confections on-line store? I of course went straight for the cookie cutters. Who wouldn’t want the wonderful cookie cutters?  And the selection was amazing!
So I comment and go along my merry way. Then last night I come across an e-mail from Marian of Sweetopia telling me I am a winner. Woot!

What I won:
* Nielsen Massey Organic Vanilla
* 4 x 0.75 oz Americolor Soft Gel Colors (surprise colors)
* 1 Stainless steel flower cutter by Flour Confections
* Doweling Straws
* Gold Glitter
* 1 mystery cookie cutter

I cannot wait to bake now! I have been thinking about baking sugar cookies lately and this will definitely get me going! Thank you Marian of Sweetopia for your wonderful contest! And anyone who stops by here should check out her site!


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