Five things we learned this week:

Five things we learned this week:

1.  That no matter how bad we may think we have it…we don’t.  Sometimes you get overwhelmed with life, work and just plan everything.  But we took a good look at our lives and realized that we are damn lucky to be where we are, have the people in our life that we do and that we are healthy.  Really in the end that is all that counts. No amount of money or material things can give us the satisfaction of knowing that.

2. We are not wine snobs. We  like to drink wine on occasion, but  find ourselves easily intimidated at the wine shop. With so many bottles and a limited wine vocabulary, we never really know what to get.  When left to our own devices, we tend to go towards a wine that has either a funny name or by the look of the bottle.  Gasp..I know I know not the way to pick a bottle of wine!  We should just ask someone, but it is actually fun trying to pick a bottle and in the end we always come out with some great wines or a funny story.  BUT we are trying to learn more about wines so we can be better informed once we enter a wine shop.

3.  I might be a better poker player then K.  Since we are having a poker get together at our place in a couple of days we decided to brush up on our skills.  We have left the chips out and whenever we feel like it we play.  Just a day ago I beat him 3 times.  Meaning he did the all in and I won it all. Again and again and again.  K didn’t seem too happy about this.  Hopefully I still have this luck for the real game!

4. We love breakfast.  Twice we have had it for dinner.  Does that still make it dinner or breakfast? Anywho, we can eat it any time of the day.  During the week we have something small, but on the weekends we love breakfast burritos, cheese-filled omelets, french toastor the much loved german pancakes.

5. Every season I feel the need to redecorate.  Every. Season.  I don’t know what it is about the seasons change, but it puts me in the mood to redecorate, reorganize, declutter, and move things around.  Right now I am on the “lets paint” kick.  K is not enjoying it.


2 thoughts on “Five things we learned this week:

  1. Ditto; 1, 2 and 5! And I’ve had Breakfast for Lunch twice this week! (Don’t have a clue how to play poker though) Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world and for your ‘sweet’ comments!

    Have a fab weekend,

    B x

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