There is nothing like a homemade pizza…

Pizza.  One of my favorite things to eat and make from scratch.  There is nothing like a homemade pizza to make for a fun movie night or just for a bit of a snack.  So when K and I had a ton of left over cheese from dinner the other night we naturally thought to make a pizza.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any dough, didn’t feel like making homemade dough and definitely didn’t want to leave the house to pick some up.  So we searched through the kitchen and came up with two different ways to make pizza.  K decided that we should use the leftover whole wheat tortillas that we had in the fridge.  I decided that we could also use the leftover bread that we had from another dinner night.  We put together a sauce (just a plain tomato puree with added spices) and pulled out the cheeses that we had in the fridge.   We toasted both the whole wheat tortillas and bread in the broiler and added our toppings.  Then back into the broiler it went till the cheese was bubbly.  Both pizzas came out wonderfully and we thoroughly enjoyed using up our leftovers!

{My pizza}

{K’s pizza}


5 thoughts on “There is nothing like a homemade pizza…

  1. Ooooh, how delicious! I do love a good slice of pizza. I actually recently bought a pizza stone as I heard that the pizza in San Diego isn’t very good at all — there’s just nothing like NY/NJ pizza. I’ll particularly miss this one great place in Old Bridge, NJ. Time I learned to make my own I guess. I’ll definitely be using your ideas as inspiration.

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