Cupcake people or cake people?

Wondering whether we are cake people?

Or a cupcake people?

When it comes to our wedding….


11 thoughts on “Cupcake people or cake people?

  1. Cake people! Be cake people!
    I feel like in 20 years people will be like “oh remember that weird small cake in paper trend”
    I mean both are adorable, but there’s something classique about a tiered cake.
    Thats just me. Im sure either will be gorgey though!

    • I am def. leaning towards cake more. I love the cupcake look and it is adorable, but there is nothing better then a great look cake!

  2. Personally, I’m a cheesecake person, but I think what you go with all depends on your taste and whether you’re wedding is a bit more traditional (cake) or funky (cupcakes).

    Either way, I’m hungry now.

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