Two movies and a pizza

Sunday’s K and I usually try to relax before the busy week.  Sometimes we decide to watch movies, play video games, board games, make lunch, dinner and sometimes even a bit of dessert.  Today we decided to watch a couple of movies and order in a pizza.

K’s choice of movie – Dance Flick.
A Wayans movie. What can I say. The movie is about a hip-hop dancer named Thomas Uncles, who becomes romantically and artistically involved with a wannabe ballerina. This movie spoofs Save the Last Dance, Stomp the Yard, Step Up, Hairspray, High School Musical, Ray, and much more. There are a few laughs, but relies on endless bathroom humor and such ideas as a baby stored in a high school locker. Not what I would call Oscar winning ideas. I personally did not like this movie at all. We did get a couple of laughs, but I could have done without the movie.

My choice of movie – 8 Women
(French foreign film which K played his PSP through most of it – expected).
8 Women was suggested to me by our friend Candy. It is a murder mystery of eight women who find themselves snowbound in a house with a dead man – a man each of them (his wife, sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, daughters, housekeeper, and chambermaid) had reason to kill. Secrets tumble forth, accusations fly, catfights flare, and confrontations turn steamy, Accompanied by campy performances of 1960s French pop songs (which I found very oddly added here and there). At first, these musical numbers seem like pure kitsch, comic and entertaining, but over the movie’s course, they become like part of the story -you expect them. The best thing I can say about it is the story was well structured, even interesting up to a point. In all honesty it reminds me of the film “Clue”. Everyone is stranded in a big house, one person gets murdered, and everyone has a motive. This was a good movie, entertaining but most likely because I love French foreign films.


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