TWD: The Turnovers of Yesterday

This week Julie of Someone’s in the Kitchen chose Flaky Apple Turnovers for TWD. Of course this post should have been made on Tuesday, but with working late, gym and then passing out after my shower when I got home I completely forgot to post it.  No matter…it is here today!

I love love love this recipe.    This is a really easy recipe to put together, and very versatile. Many different fruits and combinations of fruits can be used for this turnover.  In place of apples I decided to go with a Pear Preserve.  K is really not big on apples and there was no way that I was going to eat these all myself (even though I could have).

The end result was a wonderful, deliciously tasty treat and I happy to say that there is not one turnover left.


8 thoughts on “TWD: The Turnovers of Yesterday

  1. wow – I lOVE the shape of these. And pears… what a great filling. I’ll have to think of that next time – I liked these so much I made another batch of dough! Glad you liked them and found just the right filling!

  2. I am so hungry now. All I’m thinking about is apples and fall. And thought I don’t have fall here in San Diego, I most certainly have apples. Oh, the baking will begin.

    Thank you.

  3. Wow–these look great! Love the shape of them! Like you, I LOVED this recipe/dough. I cant wait to make them again with a different filling-pear preserve sounds delicious!

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