Movie watching machines!

This week K and I were sent a couple of movies from Netflix.  We watch at least 4 or 5 a week.  Yes we are addicted.  What can I say…we love movies and cuddling while watching them!

My choice of movie – Chocolate (Thai foreign film)
Acclaimed Thai action director Prachya Pinkaew helms this martial arts drama, which follows Zen, a young autistic woman who discovers that she has the uncanny ability to absorb precision fighting skills just by watching martial arts movies. When her cancer-ridden mother’s creditors come calling, Zen (Jeeja Yanin) attempts to settle the debts by standing up to a hard nosed gang of criminals who have wrongfully swindled money from her family.
O la la. I really liked this movie as did K. Jeeja’s martial art skills were extraordinary and choreographed to utter perfection. The story was definitely a catch and then the martial arts pulled you in further. Jeeja performed most of her stunts without wires, with absolutely no stunt doubles and with this, we were very impressed. In the film’s end credits, you’ll see her sustain very real injuries when performing some of the stunts. If you are looking for a good foreign film with amazing fight scenes this is a movie for you.

K’s choice of movie – Miss March
Four years after falling into a coma, Eugene comes to, only to discover that his high school sweetheart has traded her virginity for a centerfold spot in a popular men’s magazine. Crashing a mansion full of hot women and getting Miss March to take him back might take a miracle. But with nothing to lose – and his sex-crazed friend egging him on – he’s determined to get the girl.
This movie is full of bathroom humor and I kept my expectations low as I sat down to watch it. I think that helped. It’s just a bunch of sophomoric humor and poor acting. There were a couple of funny parts in the movie, but if I was asked to recommend this movie to someone I would definitely say no.

Our choice – Crank 2 – High Voltage
After surviving the brush with death that ended the first Crank film, top assassin Chev Chelios returns in this action-packed sequel to track down a ruthless Chinese mobster who has stolen his most prized possession: his heart. As the talented hit man scours Los Angeles for his enemy, he must continually jolt the mechanical ticker that beats within his chest — otherwise, he’s dead.
One word describes this movie and it is RIDICULOUS! There are only two reasons why K and I decided to rent this movie – Jason Statham (meow for me!) and to find out how the hell a guy who fell out of a helicopter in the previous movie can survive and make another movie. Now I am a big fan of Jason’s because I am an action kind of girl. If it has a gun fight, a fight or a car chase I will rent it. I loved Transporter and wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. This by far is his worst movie ever…do not rent! The scenes are insane and jumpy. If you want to get your Jason fix just rent Transporter!


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