“I am Awesome Girl” Award

Oooo! I got an “I am Awesome Girl” Award from Candice at Bookishpenguin. Sweet!  Thank you so much!
The award is one of those “Share 10 things about Yourself” awards. So here it goes!

1. Favorite smell: cupcakes baking

2. Favorite memory: Anyone that has to do with my family. They are amazing.

3. Favorite breakfast food: German Pancakes with strawberries on top. Delish!

4. Favorite comebacks: I am not very good at these. Seems like I always come back with something later that day. Always at the weirdest times I am like…Damn I should have said…

5. Favorite season: Autumn. Completely. The food, the weather, the clothing. All of it!

6. Favorite writing utensil: Fine point blue pens. I love writing with them! Hardly get to use them because at work we are only allowed to use black pens with the patient charts.

7. Favorite Ice Cream: Columbian Coffee Ice Cream. A new obsession!

8. Favorite Movie to Quote: Grandma’s Boy.

9. Favorite Coffee Accoutrements: I am really not a coffee drinker – more a tea drinker. But if I decided to have a “polite” cup it is always with lots of sugar and milk!

10. Favorite Day: Christmas. Absolutely the best holiday! I love the snow (if it decides to snow). Giving presents. Spending time with family and friends.  And oh my the baking!

Now I get to pass the award on to five bloggers I think are awesome girls and I can’t wait to hear what their 10 things are!

The winners are:
1. Brandi @ Not Your Average Ordinary
2. Sonja @ 30 Before 30
3. Alicia @ Yaya Stuff
4. Mama Plays Mozart
5. A Duck in her Pond


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