The Pot Roast that Turned into Beef Stew

The other day I had a great idea to use my dutch oven.  You see I have had the dutch oven for about two months now and haven’t even touched it.  It has been sitting in the kitchen as if it was a decoration and not something to actually cook with.  So I finally got the guts to use it and decided I would make a pot roast.

I have made many pot roasts before but always in a slow cooker.  I had never tried to make one before in a dutch oven.  So I added all of my ingredients and the roast.  It started to cook and the smell was amazing.  Now at this point K comes out of the bedroom and into the kitchen.  He is sniffing around.  You know what this mean…what ya cooking and when can I eat it?

The dutch oven did cook the roast much quicker then I thought it would, but not fast enough.  I chopped the potatoes and carrots and added them in.  Again K comes in and is sniffing around.  I too at this point was on the verge of hunger.  So instead of waiting till the roast was completely finished I decided to take it out.  I then proceeded to cut it into smaller pieces and toss it back into the pot so the whole dish would cook faster.  And it did.

The end dish had a great taste and we both ate two bowls full (Luckily our bowls aren’t too big or too deep).

And that is how The Pot Roast that Turned into Beef Stew…


5 thoughts on “The Pot Roast that Turned into Beef Stew

  1. Man that stew looks good. Wish a restaurant made one like that in my home town. 🙂

    I rarely cook, and that stew reminds me of my mothers, she always made the most tastiest stew!

    Problem is, she never wrote down the recipe :))

  2. When you say you haven’t used your dutch oven, I know what you mean. sorry I should have put this in my other comment.

    I bought a electric frypan, big, deep, wonderful to cook with!

    I burned the hamburger (settings on low still burned the meat) and then I couldn’t WASH it because my apt has one of those little VEGGIE sinks instead of a full sink!

    The sink is so close to the fridge I was unable to wash it, and had to do it in my bathtub!

    It’s sitting up on top of my cupboards and I’ve never cooked with it since!

    I hope to move to a bigger place and I’ll make sure I have two double sinks (the fry pan is extra large in size) with loads of room to wash the thing! 🙂

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