Two more movies..

This weekend K and I decide to watch two more movies. We have been a bit movie crazy this month!

My choice of movie – The Lodger
When a serial killer starts knocking off West Hollywood working girls in grisly ways, a mentally unbalanced landlady becomes convinced that one of her tenants is involved in the killings. Meanwhile, a detective who is under suspicion discovers clues to the murders that lead him to several disturbing revelations.
I am big on a movie with a mystery and this movie seemed to have one. The whole story was laid out pretty slow, but the ending was interesting. We mainly got the movie because of Simon Baker. We love him in the Mentalist. Otherwise, this is a movie we could have passed on.

K’s choice – The Fast and the Furious 4
Fugitive ex-con Dom Toretto must team with his old nemesis Agent Brian O’Conner and take on a common enemy in the latest full-throttle installment of the speed-racing franchise. This action adventure features pulse-pounding convoy heists and precision tunnel crawls.
This is a movie that you watch on a Sunday when you don’t want to think and want to just see pretty cars drive fast. Turn your brain off and enjoy the action. Pure escapism.
There wasn’t much to the movie, but we did enjoy it. Much better then the last installment The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Made me want to jump in my car and drive fast…bad idea!


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