Things to eat before I die – # 54. Homemade Pretzels

# 54. Homemade Pretzels

Ah yes the pretzel.  Something that I have never made at home before and something that is completely delicious!  So I decided to try them out before I went on my little trip.  I have had Katy at Sugar Laws pretzel recipe bookmarked for months now.  I love her site and love everything that she cooks so why wouldn’t it be her recipe that I would try out?

So into the kitchen I went.  Everything seemed to be turning out right until it came to shaping process.  Ah! For some reason I just couldn’t get it.  All the pretzels didn’t look like pretzels.  K was even laughing at me how oddly shaped they were.  So in the end instead of wonderfully pretzel shaped pretzels I decided to make pretzel nuggets.  Same thing right?

The pretzel nuggets came out great.  They were warm and I served them with mustard and a beer.  What goes better?  Nothing!

* fyi no pictures because we completely forgot – they were so good we were eating them off of the baking pan!  Promise next time I will take pictures!


3 thoughts on “Things to eat before I die – # 54. Homemade Pretzels

  1. I always say — it’s less about how things look and more about how they taste. You can always perfect the look once you get a good tasting recipe, but a delicious recipe should always be the first goal.

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