Things to eat before I die- # 20. Eel

# 20. Eel

Yes I ate it.  Well, actually it was in a roll at a sushi place, but it was still eating it.  Now I am going to have to say that I didn’t like it.  There was something odd about it that my palate did not like.  Maybe it was the other things that were in the roll or maybe a combination of things.  I went out of my little circle of comfort and did it!

Whenever I think of eels I think of my sister. I know that it sounds odd, but there is a story to go along with it.  When we were younger we went to a fish store.  We were looking for some fish for my cousins fish tank for her birthday.  We were walking around the store with my parents and we came across this large tank in the middle of the store. Intrigued we both approached it.  The water was foggy and you couldn’t see what was in the tank.  We walked around it and tried to figure out what it was.  Well I decided that I was going to put my face up to the tank really close to see if I could see through the fog.  My sister being nine years younger than me followed.  As we got close, a huge eel right up to where our faces were..mouth open and sharp teeth showing.  We both screamed and jumped back.  To this day neither of us can look at an eel without getting a chill and needing to look away!

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3 thoughts on “Things to eat before I die- # 20. Eel

  1. The attack of the eel might have traumatized me too. I haven’t decided what to think of eel yet. I’ve had it the same way — in sushi rolls, and I’ve had good ones and AWFUL ones. My boyfriend keeps telling me I’ll have to try the eel when we go to Italy. I don’t know why Italian eels are special, but he claims they are. Maybe they’re fresher. I’ll find out eventually.

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