The Random Garden

While having our walk around the apartment complex the other day, K and I came across the most random garden. It was hidden away in a corner down a way that we never really walk. It seemed to be well kept and had quite the smorgasbord of vegetables. It was quaint. I really wish that I could have one also, but we live in an area where a lot of people come through. There is no way we could hide it away.

{what pretty tomatoes – snapped a picture before anyone noticed I was there}

We also found out that we have two apple trees on the premise. I didn’t know this either. I love when you go for a walk in a place that is so familiar to you and find something out of the ordinary. I am going to have to remember the trees for next year to see if the complex will ok me taking a couple of make some baked goods with (the apples are already falling and eaten by animals this year – only a couple have survived).

{I love apples!}


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