Changing of the seasons…

I am a lover of fall. I adore it, One of my favorite things to do in the fall is go for a walk.  I love seeing the changes that happen to everything around me.  The trees changing colors. Animals getting ready for the colder weather.  People walking because it is the perfect weather too.  Houses changing out for the seasons.  The cool breeze in your hair. Everything just screams change.

{Lovely color change! Another picture from our complex!}

While my sister and I were in Florida last week we talked about how we love living where we do. We love the fact that with each season comes different clothing. How we can see the changes happening. How we can enjoy all weather and not just a consistent or slight change! I know that a Florida has it perks, but there is nothing like living where we do. I know a lot of people hate New Jersey, but they just haven’t given it a chance. It is not as bad as everyone thinks it is. Really.

{Came across this bush at our complex…reminds me of the winter/Christmas weather holidays that are on the way}


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