Things to accomplish before December 1st.

I am a list maker through and through. Every time K and I do something a list usually comes along with it. When we pack for a trip (even if it is a road trip), when we go food shopping, Netflix, choirs and just about anything else I can put on paper. At first he hated it. Didn’t understand why we had to do it. Then as the years have gone by he has come to appreciate it. No longer does he forget to bring stuff along…of course not…it is on the list. Now he is the first to give me the pen and paper.
Not only do I have list at home, but I have them here on my blog and at work. I love having a list on my blog because then all of you can see it and I know it has to be done – it pushes me.
So below is a list of things I would like to accomplish before December 1st. Hopefully they get done.

Things to accomplish before December 1st.

1. Organize my recipes. I literally have 100’s of pages of recipes sitting and waiting to be organized. I would really like to go through them so I could start cooking from them more.

2. Go apple picking. It is a must this year. No ifs, ands or buts!

3. Pick a venue for our wedding. There are just to may things that we have been doing besides making arrangements. We really need to get on this.

4. Have a family only get together at our apartment. It is long overdue.

5. Lose another 10 pounds. This one is going to be a bit harder. With all the holidays coming up and baking I am in for it!

I know this list is incredibly boring, but it will be so satisfying if I get everything done by December.

I am hoping.


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