Wrapped in this wonderful cloud of down…

Here in New Jersey the nights are cold during the winter.  Hell the days are cold too.  This year has been like no other.  It is only October and we have already had nights where we are freezing.  I have a feeling that this winter is going to be a cold one!
Now I get cold very easily. We have heating in our apartment but only raise it to 70 (the highest due to trying to save on the $ and we love to cuddle on the couch to keep warm). We do have a large supply of smaller blankets, for those winter nights that drop below 30 and we need something to cover us on the couch.
One blanket that I love the most is our down comforter. When K’s brother was moving out to California he gave us the blanket as a present. He had bought it, never used it and being that he was moving to a state that didn’t need heavy blankets he gave it to us. It is one of the best blankets in the world and I just can’t seem to share it. Every night while we are sleeping I slowly steal the blanket in my sleep. By morning I am wrapped in this wonderful cloud of down and he is shivering on his side of the bed. So now I am (erm he is) in the market for a new blanket. I need to find something that will keep him warm, but also cute enough to lay on the bed.
Let the shopping begin!


3 thoughts on “Wrapped in this wonderful cloud of down…

  1. I have to say, I don’t miss NJ’s frigid temperatures here in San Diego — I’m sure I’ll get enough of them when I’m home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can’t believe it’s been so impossibly cold there lately…it’s so early still.
    Bundle up and find a nice blanket!

    • San Diego does have the best weather. K’s brother lives there and we just love it. I just can’t bring myself to move there yet. Maybe when we are older!

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