What is it that gives you joy?

Lately I have realized how happy I am when I am in the kitchen. Being in the kitchen is a treat for me. The rest of the world slips away, and my head clears. I play music and just get into whatever I am cooking. The happenings of the day just slip away and I am in the here and now.
When I am not in the kitchen I think about being in it. I read so many articles, blogs and books about cooking. I dream up what I am going to make next. I plan it out. I figure out who I am going to give it to. When people give me presents it usually has something to do with the kitchen. Last year K got me a Kitchen Aid for Christmas. I cried.
I know this all sounds a bit odd, especially since I don’t work anywhere near the kitchen in my everyday life. I have never gone to school for it. It is just something I do on my time off. Something I enjoy.
What is it that gives you joy?


One thought on “What is it that gives you joy?

  1. I’ve actually found the same thing — I just love creating things in the kitchen. Baking, cooking, whatever, it calms me. I seem to be good at it and that’s a nice feeling — especially when I’m entirely frustrated with my studies and don’t think I’m going to make it. I might doubt my philosophy work but I never doubt the baking.

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