My obsession of the month…

Lately I have been wanting to redecorate the apartment. Seems that I go through a phase every couple months. I pick one spot and need to do something different with it. When you first walk into our apartment there is a bit of a hallway/entryway that leads you into our living room – this is my obsession of the month. The hallway/entryway is at the moment filled with wonderful paintings that were painted by my aunt that are hung gallery style. I want to switch a couple of the pictures around and add some new ones. I would love to have a more eclectic mix.

{An idea but I don’t want it to be uniformed}

* photo from Apartment Therapy

Below is a painting that I have fallen in love with. I don’t know why, but it speaks to me. What it is saying I am not quite sure yet, but I find it darling!

{Painting from Native Vermont}


3 thoughts on “My obsession of the month…

  1. I love that Hallway, Im also a fan of a lot of pictures! The color on the walls is so pretty too.
    The picture at the end is really cool.
    I love to decorate and redecorate my house..a fun hobby!

  2. I love the art, I think it’s fabulous! And I really think art, especially the stuff you hang in your home, has to do something for you (mine makes me laugh out loud). Otherwise, what’s the point?

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