A weekend without cooking…

Amazing. It seems that this weekend went by without me cooking one single thing. That is an amazing for me. I am usually the type that makes breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner over the weekends. I am always either in the kitchen or doing something around the house.
Friday I didn’t cook due to the fact that I was spending time with my best friend. He had invited me over for a mini marathon of How I Met Your Mother. We have a tradition of watching the show together each season. We both refrain from watching a couple of episodes, then get together, cook dinner and make an alcoholic beverage, sit and watch. This Friday instead of cooking we opted for takeout and his homemade sangria. We both had to work during the day and didn’t have time this Friday to cook. We also both had to get up early the next morning (me = work and him = school).
On Saturday I worked till mid afternoon. Afterwards, K picked up some sandwiches from a local shop. We ate, wrapped a present, and then napped. I have been feeling under the weather and wanted to make sure that I could make it through the birthday dinner we were going to that night. I did. It was a great little dinner with great friends.
On Sunday I woke up and did some much needed laundry, picked up bagels for my family, had a bit of a visit with my parents and K’s parents. On the way home we picked up some soup at a local shop and headed home for a quite night of Uno, dominoes and some TV.
Even though I didn’t cook this weekend I was thinking about it. I am glad that I got a bit of a weekend off.


4 thoughts on “A weekend without cooking…

  1. Oh my gosh, I love the look of the new site!! It’s so awesome!

    And I think it’s fantastic you took the weekend off — makes you appreciate cooking when you return to it, I think. Glad to hear you had so much fun!

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