The Lunchbox Project

I have been a fan of Lisa Orgler for a while now.  Lisa is an award-winning artist and designer.  A couple of months back she did a notecard painting of a picture of one of my recipes (my peanut butter and jelly cupcake).  It was adorable and I loved it. I have fallen in love with her work and wish to own many of them!
Lisa has a newsletter which is called The Lunchbox Project. Each newsletter is published the last week of the month.  Each month has themes and you are able to submit your recipes, blogs, or artwork that fit that months theme.  Each newsletter also has a link to a .jpg of that month’s calendar featuring artwork from The Lunch Box Project.  This month’s theme for the newsletter was the cranberry.  So of course I decided to submit my cranberry loaf to go along with Lisa’s theme and she picked it to be one of her Sweet Food Blogs.  I am so overjoyed that Lisa would pick my recipe/blog to be featured.
I hope you all will head on over to Lisa’s page and check out the newsletter and her site with her artwork.  You won’t be disappointed!

{One of her works called Three White Pumpkins}


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