A Lovely Blog Award

I have been so sick the last couple of days that I am way behind on everything.  From house work or blog work.  Now that I am feeling just a bit better (not 100%) I need to get my booty in gear!

First thing is that I am honored that Brandi at Not Your Average Ordinary has awarded me with this award. I have been a fan of her blog since I started my own little blog here.  She is like a long lost friend that I have never met that lives on the other side of the US.  She is awesome.

So here is my to do list:
1. Thank the person who nominated me.  Done.
2. Place the logo on my blog.  Done.
3. State seven things about me that most people don’t know. Below.
4. Nominate seven (Ok I gave you five) awesome bloggers. Below.
5. Let those bloggers know. Done.

As per # 3:

1. I am allergic to kiwi.  Allergic as in I need to go to the hospital, I can’t breath kind of way.  Not fun.

2. I worked for an art curator in NYC for 7 years.  I loved every minute of it until September 11th.  Afterwards, I was scared to go into the city.  I ended up leaving my job to work in a completely different field in NJ.  I still get mini panic attacks when I see footage regarding September 11th or when I spend long days in the city.  It is a shame really because I love NYC.

3. I will not eat a cookie unless it is homemade.  The ones in the store just taste fake to me.

4. I enjoy a good horror movie, but I am completely scared of zombies.

5. I can sheet rock, tile and paint with the best of them.  My father taught my sister and I that you don’t need a man to help you with anything.  No matter what you want to do (re-tile the bathroom?) you can do it yourself!

6.  I faint at the sight of needles.

7. I don’t eat tomatoes unless they are in a sauce.  Otherwise, I think they are slimy and gross!

Now, I’d like to pass this on to some incredible blogs — some of which I just recently started reading (and some I have been fans for a long time):

Bookish Penguin
Heart of Light
Cooking for Seven
Somewhere in Between


6 thoughts on “A Lovely Blog Award

  1. I totally feel the same way. And I’m from NJ too, so even though I may be in CA right now, we still do sort of have that NJ connection.

    And I COMPLETELY agree with you on #3. I can’t eat a dessert unless it’s homemade. Everything else just isn’t worth it. Even if it’s partially a box mix or just the slice and bake cookies, that’s still better that store-bought, already-made cookies and such.

  2. Thanks for the award, D!

    It appears I am the complete opposite of you when it comes to the food items listed here. I will DEFINITELY eat a store bought cookies although obviously the homemade variety are much better. I also love tomatoes! My favorite food on my new diet.

    Get and stay healthy!

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