Some Etsy Love.

Etsy is an amazing site. There is not a day that goes by that I do not find something I love. I hope you will visit the pages below and show your love also!

1 – Autumn
2 – Deeply Madly
3 – Red Rose Ring
4 – Sweet Garland- Ruby Dream
5 – Scarlet Blossoming Flower Mini Notes
6 – Fly away with me pendent
7 – Noel Gift Tags
8 – Red Tin Drawer
9 – Tis the Season- Necklace (fyi I bought this one!)


6 thoughts on “Some Etsy Love.

  1. What a fun post! Love the red — a perfect color for the holiday season. I’m addicted to etsy myself. I just can’t get enough. All the vintage, all the handmade goods!

  2. I can spend HOURS on the site. It’s addicting, beautiful, and inspiring. I met the ETSY folks recently – went to their office in Brooklyn. They’re fantastic. If you’re ever in NYC on a Monday, check out their ETSY Craft Night.

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