Ten things I am loving right now…

Ten things I am loving right now…

1. Not being sick anymore. I dislike being sick. It takes up time that I do not have.

2. Sleeping. I love getting in bed each night and slipping on my sleep mask. Yes I wear a mask. It is my favorite way to relax.

3. Dark nail polish. Especially on my toes. In the winter only K and I know what color my toe nails are. Its our little secret.

4. Love notes. Sometimes I just leave a note in K’s pocket. Maybe in his lunch bag. Or even on his car windshield. Just little ways to let him know I am thinking about him.

5. The sound of rain on my window. Nothing soothes me better.

6. A sale. Nothing is better than getting something you really want for a marked down price. Who doesn’t like a good sale?

7. Cupcakes. They are better than cookies, tarts, pies and donuts. They are your own mini cake and you don’t have to share. Perfect portion size.

8. Girly Indulgences. Bubble baths. Fuzzy slippers. Candles. Anything ladylike.

9. Colorful textiles. I am looking for the perfect fabric for our dining room chairs. I have yet to find it, but I see so many that I would love to use.

10. Soft and worn in clothing. The most comfortable linens/clothing are often ones that have been washed countless times.


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