Wedding Perfect Address Stamp

As most of you know I am always on Etsy. There are so many wonderful things that a girl could buy from that site. Most of the time I have K hide my credit card so I don’t buy something. A lot of the stuff I do want is insanely cheap and easy to just order!
So when I was surfing around I came across the little shop of LetterGirl. LetterGirl is a girl who collects quotes, tries new recipes, has a very messy desk, drinks tea, sings along, avoids rollercoasters, and loves to check her mailbox. All thing I love too (except for the messy desk!). She also makes pretty stationery and stamps. Which I do not.
I came across this Wedding Perfect Address Stamp. I think it will be perfect for K and my wedding invitations.

Now if I could just find out where K hid that credit card!


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