We are now Wii people.

For the longest time K and I have been discussing whether to get a Wii game system or an X-Box 360.  We have been gamers for a long time now and have just about every system you can think of.  We have been holding off on the Wii and X-Box because we weren’t sure which we wanted more.  We don’t have as much time to devote to gaming as we used to and wanted something that would be fun for the both of us and our friends.  K and I are not the type of couple who likes to spend our money once we get it.  We are savers by nature and love to know that we have a little nest egg to fall back on.  Every once and a while we will dip into it for something special.  So after weighting the pros and cons of each system and a discussion was made.  We bought the Wii.
First thing we did on Sunday was put aside.  Both of us had so many things we needed to get done first before opening it.  I needed to make a starter for my chili and get my scrubs ready for work.   K needed to do laundry and homework.  After all was said and done we had a wonderful time opening, setting up and ultimately playing our Wii.  I can’t wait till we can play again!


2 thoughts on “We are now Wii people.

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