10 Things I am grateful for…

This year has been amazing so far and is coming close to an end. I’ve fallen deeper in love, lived harder, found a new talent, laughed and laughed and then laughed some more, made this blog and met new people.
Thanksgiving is when we realize and recognize what matters most, what you care about and are grateful for. Many days it can be easy to overlook the blessings in our lives. We take for granted our health or the relationships we are fortunate enough to have and get caught up worrying about our bills, a dripping faucet or being stuck in traffic.

Give thanks today for the little and big things in life.
Enjoy it to the fullest.
Live. Love.

Thanksgiving Version of 10 Things I am Loving Right Now…

1. My Mother and Father. Without them I would not be here right now. They are very patient, loving, sweet, understanding, and supportive of all my endeavors.

2. My sister. I am grateful sister for keeping me sane and for making my life happier, more exciting and meaningful.

3. My future hubby – K. I have found a lover and a friend, someone who is honest and open with me, and truly accepts me for who I am.

4. My friends. Always there for me. Enjoying the good with the bad. They are my link to sanity and serenity.

5. My job. The opportunity to work for someone as wonderful as I do and that I have somewhere I love to go everyday. Oh and the pay is wonderful!

6. The fact I have a place to live. With the way the economy is going so many people are having a hard time. I am grateful that I am able to live in a place I love.

7. My healthy. Enough said.

8. Love. Without it where would we be?

9. I am grateful for being able to walk, talk, smell, see and hear. Need I say more…I think not.

10. I’m grateful for you. Yes, you dear Readers because you are the readers of this blog, my writing, my art and my passion and the extra bit of poundage that I gained by making all of those recipes!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
May you eat as much you can.
Love as much as you can.
Enjoy as much as you can.


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