A trip to Williams-Sonoma this week led to a new Ebelskiver’s Pan. You see William-Sonoma is always sending me e-mails on what they are having on sale. So of course when I received an e-mail regarding the Ebelskiver’s Pan it was like they knew for the longest time I have wanted this pan.
Ebelskivers are light, puffy pancakes that can be filled with fruit, chocolate, jam or cheese and served for breakfast or as an hors d’oeuvre, dessert or light supper. Ebelskivers are traditional Danish pancakes with a distinctive shape of a sphere. Somewhat similar in texture to American pancakes crossed with a popover, ebelskivers are solid like a pancake but light and fluffy like a popover. And absolutely delicious. To make them all you need is this special pan and to drop some of the batter into each mold, cook for a few minutes, then turn the dough and cook on the other side. Easy peasy!
I decided to make them Sunday morning for brunch and filled them with strawberry jam and some with breakfast sausage. I can’t wait to find new ways to make them and will definitely be making these again soon!

* picture courtesy of William-Sonoma

* Sunday morning I wasn’t really feeling up to taking pictures because I was so hungry. I will definitely be making these again soon so I will post pictures in the future.


2 thoughts on “Ebelskivers

  1. Oooh, these look good. I had to unsubscribe to Williams-Sonoma emails because I found myself inexplicably in the store afterward. I’m just going to attribute it to sleepwalking + sleep-shopping and a bit of “oooh, i need THAT”.

    I made a tiramisu this weekend. The thing was gone before I could take even one photo. That just happens sometimes.

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