# 84. Create my own holiday cards in 2009

Woot! I am finally finished with this years Christmas cards and ready to send them out. It has taken me a bit longer then I thought it would because of our busy schedules. I am so excited and loving the way they look. I sure do hope everyone who is receiving them does too!

{One of the many cards}

I got the idea for these cards from Martha Stewart. She has so many amazing ideas and when I saw this one I just swooned. Her Glittered Wintry Scene Cards idea is easy to put together. She suggested a template, but I decided to do it by hand to make them each original. It only took a couple supplies and my imagination. Each card is different – some I made with birds, some with bunnies, some with both, but all with the tree. I suggest going to Martha’s site to check out her many wonderful ideas!

* And another of my 101 in 1001 bites the dust! Bye bye # 84. Create my own holiday cards in 2009!

{A close up}


5 thoughts on “# 84. Create my own holiday cards in 2009

  1. Danielle, these are absolutely gorgeous! I haven’t even had the time to THINK about holiday cards. I love what you’ve done so much. If I can get my act together (translation: finish my next giant paper), I think I might do something similar…with a cute porcupine or two. Or maybe even a happy cow.

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