Last night was our annual Christmas party at the office. We have a small office staff consisting of 13 women so it is very easy for all of us to do something different then the usually in-house party. Every year we go into the city. This year it was to Buddakan.
Buddakan is a restaurant with Modern Asian Cuisine. Located conveniently next to Chelsea Market, Buddakan is a visual experience that is hard to describe. At first, it seems like you enter a hotel lobby, but once you make it past the bar, that’s when you realize how large and stunning the place really is. Gorgeous chandeliers adorn the dining room that blends a medieval setting with industrial and oriental undertones. The downfall was it very dark. It took a minute or two for my eyes to adjust in the dark & once I could focus I enjoyed the view.
Everyone was extremely professional and attentive. The waiter was on top if his game. Keeping up with 13 women with drink orders and food orders and even changing out plates, utensils and wiping the tables.
The food was artfully presented. Each dish was beautiful. Every dish is perfect for sharing with friends and that is what we did. Five of us on our side of the table decided to try out different and new items.

For appetizers we ordered the: Lobster egg rolls, General Tso’s Dumplings, Peking Duck Salad, Taro Puff Lollipops, and the Frogs Legs.

For dinner we ordered: Szechuan Crusted Ribeye, Charred Filet of Beef, Kung Pao Munkfish, and the Shrimp and Lobster Chow Fun.

I also found out today that Buddakan was in Sex and the City. How awesome is that! So if you are looking for a trendy place in the city to have dinner, try this place out. I’d highly recommend Buddakan. You won’t regret it.

75 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(212) 989-6699

Also from my list of things to eat before I die I knocked out:
# 51. Frogs Legs
# 49. Peking duck


7 thoughts on “Buddakan

  1. If you’re ever in San Diego, I know of an EXCELLENT restaurant (it’s very affordable too) that has a frogs legs appetizer. I don’t eat such things so I won’t try it but word is it’s very good.
    I haven’t been to Buddakan, but I think I need to try and get there before I leave NJ. All the things you ordered just sound so delicious…

    • It was the first time I ever had frogs legs. They were pretty interesting!
      I would love to know the place in San Diego. K’s brother lives out there and we are thinking of going to visit in a couple of months. We usually go there every three or four months to see him.

  2. I was just at Buddakan in September and really enjoyed everything 🙂 I heard a rumor that one of the Top Chef contestants works there, but now I can’t remember which one.

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