Oooo! Piece of candy!

Wow. Ok….who wants to send me some of these?
I came across this site a couple of days ago. So itching to try some of the chocolate and candies. Maybe in the beginning of the year I will order some. Right now my house smells like cookies….I can’t think of anything else!

{Crisp, dark chocolate-coated apples.  Ok friends…what is better then an apple covered in chocolate? Nothing I tell you! Nothing!}

{A long time French favorite, the gorgeously simple Pâtes de Fruits. Seasonal flavors include Morello Cherry, Passion Fruit, Blueberry and Pear-Lime.  They look to die for!}

Do visit Recchiuti Confections website and check out the amazing chocolates and candies that they have in stock. Buy some for friends. For family. Maybe even for that stash for yourself that no one knows about.  Enjoy a piece.  I know I will soon!


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