Ten things I am loving right now…. {Christmas Eve Edition}

Ten things I am loving right now….

{Christmas Eve Edition}

1. My family. They are the most amazing family a girl could ask for. They have been keeping me company while my honey is away with family.

2. Gift giving. I love a look on a their faces when I give them something that I know that they will really enjoy.

3. The snow. Ok…so we won’t have a white Christmas, but it was close enough.

4. Christmas decorations. I love decorating our Christmas tree. Every year we open the containers and put up ornaments that we have had for years. This year I went to K’s parents house and found out that they have some of the same ornaments we had a children.

5. The brisk air. You can really tell when it’s December and near the holidays – there is just “that” smell in the air.

6. The parties. Oh the parties I have gone to this year with friends and with family. Everyone is just in the holiday spirit.

7. The food. Some of which I only get to see (and eat) during Christmas time. What? What diet? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

8. Making shopping an adventure. The lines and the cars. The malls and the sales. It is either get mad or make it fun! I choose fun.

9. People’s generosity and acts of kindness. I just find that everyone is much nicer this time of year.

10. Baking. I go into baking overload whenever Christmas comes along. I adore giving cookies to everyone. Funny thing is that around November I start getting in orders on what everyone loves. Most popular – S’mores bars and oatmeal raisin cookies. I always make the usual’s. Its not about me, its about what makes them happy.


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