Slowing down after the holidays…

With the way everything has been going lately I needed a day to just relax and recuperate from the crazy holiday week. I had done my fair share of cooking and wanted a little get together that was quiet and none formal. So yesterday night I invited a few friends over. I told them to bring the drink of their choice and an appetizer. This way there was no real cooking involved and we could have a bit of down time. It was wonderful. We chatted, had a couple of good laughs, watched way to many episodes of “My So Called Life” and watched “(500) Days of Summer”. It was just what I needed.

No matter what holidays you celebrate, I hope this weekend you’re taking it easy and having a bit of quiet time.


2 thoughts on “Slowing down after the holidays…

  1. Your idea of quiet time was perfect! I have been running around and baking like crazy this past week. I can feel the stress in my neck and shoulders..they hurt! Yesterday was movie day with the family and then we just stayed home and relaxed last night. Of course we have teenagers going in and out , but I just sat!

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