Resolutions.  We all have them.  Be it to lose weight, take a vacation, eat more veggies or watch less television.  This year I am going to try to make a couple that I can stick to.  I do it for fun to see how far I can get with them.

* I am going to say yes more.  Be it people invitations to dinner, hiking, hanging out and such.  Sometimes I say no because I just can’t get up the energy to go or it is something that I am not interested in.  Starting tomorrow I am saying YES!

* Exercise more.  Not to lose weight, but to exercise to feel better about myself.  Be it the Wii Fit, a walk with Keith, or the dreaded treadmill!

* Read more.  Now that I have the Kindle I believe it will be easier for me to read.  Books are cheaper and the Kindle is oh so light.  I was ashamed at the amount of books that I read last year…not as many as usual.

* Eat better.  Cook more veggies.  Less desserts.  Ok some desserts but not as many. Really who can live without a little indulgence now and then??

Well, those are it.  Four little resolutions.  Not to many.  Just right for me.

What about you?  Any resolutions?

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! Hope you ring in 2010 with someone you love! Be responsible. Be safe.


2 thoughts on “Resolutions…

  1. These are great resolutions! I’ve spent the last year making desserts and now I’m trying to experiment with things that aren’t so sweet. Have a fantastic New Year! May it be filled with happiness, joy and love!

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