A year in review! Part 1.

So now that a new year is starting I wanted to get a look at what was done in the last. I find a lot of people dwell on the “didn’t” and not on the “did”.  So what did I do?

I have done 37 out of 101 in 1001 List. Not bad.  It does leave me with a good amount that still needs to be done this year.  Goodie!

101 in 1001 goals that I have done:

For My Body & Mind
2. Join the gym (Completed 2/17/09)
8. Take daily vitamins (Completed 5/21/09)
10. Try three new vegetables (3/3) (Completed 3/20/09; Completed 7/14/09)
13. Make 3 new breakfasts (not the same old egg, sausage and potatoes) (3/3) (Completed 1/25/09; 1/31/09; 2/8/09)
15. Try at least 2 different kinds of nuts (2/2) (Completed 1/23/09)
16. Spend a week logging what I eat (Completed 1/23/09)
18. Floss daily for a month (Completed 2/17/09)
20. Rent and watch 5 classic movies (5/5) (Completed 4/9/09)
21. Always have all paperwork finished and away by the end of the week (Completed 2/17/09)

25. Get lunch out only 5 times for 1 month (Completed 2/7/09)
26. Get dinner out only 5 times for 1 month (Completed 12/12/09)
31.Buy a Wii (Completed 11/24/09)
34. Come up with a cooking plan, with meals that are diet/honey/budget friendly (Completed 3/6/09)
35. Follow the rule and donate an item of clothing every time I buy a new one (Completed 4/9/09)
36. Only buy clothing I am truly in love with (Completed 7/28/09)

Just for Me
41. Learn to make 5 kinds of soup (5/5) (Completed 2/24/09; Completed 4/9/09; Completed 5/20/09; Completed 6/2/09; Completed 10/4/09)
42. Create a website for my photography (Completed 1/23/09)
43. Make a list of 101 things to do before I die (Completed 5/4/09)
46. Spend a day at the spa and get a two hour massage (Completed 8/27/09)
47. Cook new dishes and blog about it
48. Hand write a letter to a friend (Completed 2/9/09)
56. Identify 100 things that make me happy (not including money) (Completed 3/24/09)

Love Life
63. Spend a whole day with K and never leave the house (Completed 3/19/09)
64. Give him a special little gift when he isn’t expecting it (Completed 3/31/09)

Going Green
68. Buy some cloth napkins and use them (Completed: 1/10/09)
69. Bring my reusable shopping bags everywhere and use them (Completed 2/7/09)
71. Visit a Farmer’s Market once every two weeks
73. Buy organic foods

Family Life
75. Have meal together with family at least once a week (Completed 2/17/09)

82. Play a game of racquetball (Completed 2/19/09)
83. Go to the aquarium (Completed 6/5/09)
84. Create my own holiday cards in 2009 (Completed 12/8/09)
93. Try 5 new restaurants (5/5) (Completed 1/24/09, Completed 1/27/09; Completed 3/9/09; Completed 3/15/09; Completed 3/20/09)
98. Go to Comic-Con in New York City (Completed 2/19/09)


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