A year in review. Part 2.

Like I said yesterday I want to get a look at what was done in the last year – this is part 2.  I find a lot of people dwell on the “didn’t” and not on the “did”.  So what did I do?

I have done 19 out of 62 (24 I have eaten previously).  Not bad….but it does leave me with a good amount that I still need to eat.  Guess this year I am going to be trying a lot of new things.  I am soooo up for it!

New things I have Eaten this year:

1. A true martini (Completed 1/2/09)
2. Risotto (Completed 4/12/09)
3. Any breakfast from Toast (Completed 4/15/09)
6. Macarons (the French kind not the coconut kind!) (Completed 6/14/09)
7. Sushi
9. Truffles (the chocolate kind not the mushrooms) (Completed 3/15/09)
10. Homemade macaroni and cheese (Completed 6/10/09)
14. Nutella (Completed 11/18/09)
18. An enchilada in Mexico
19. Any Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake
20. Eel (Completed 9/27/09)
21. Dim-sum from wheeled carts
22. A full-on English cream tea
28. BLT (bacon, lettuce & tomato) – *yes that is right I have never had one! (Completed 3/18/09)
49. Peking duck (Completed 12/16/09)
51. Frogs Legs (Completed 12/16/09)
54. Homemade Pretzels (Completed 9/26/09)
55. Shepherd Pie (Completed 3/18/09)
80. Brussels sprouts (Completed 3/20/09)


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