Clean out and organize for the new year…

Welcome, 2010!
There is something about the new beginning of the year that really makes me want to get organized. This weekend K and I have basically cleaned out and organized nearly every cupboard and closet in our apartment.  We wanted this year to start out fresh and clean.  What a better way then to clean out all the old, unused and unwanted items that we had just lying around?
We have also been thinking about doing a little redecorating. Maybe spice up a wall or add some new coloring. Oo la la!
There are so many new projects to start this year. So many new adventures to go on. So many new people to spend time with. We are going to make this year great. For some reason I really feel that this year is going to be a ground breaking one. I love the amount of focus that new year gives me. It makes me want to accomplish great things. There is going to be a whirlwind of major milestones this year. K and I are getting married. We are planning a ton of trips. We have a friend having a baby. K is turning 30 this year.
I hope that the beginning of this new year also gives you focus and starts you to toward new and exciting things!


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