12. Read 30 new books I haven’t read before (12/30)

12. Read 30 new books I haven’t read before (12/30)

To Have and To Hold
By Jane Green

This book explores the anatomy of the breakdown of a marriage that was in trouble before it began. It is also a story of a woman’s transformation from doormat to coming into her own skin and building her own self esteem. The plot unfolds slowly, letting the problems and tension evolve, as we find out more about Alice and her relationship. She is a wife who caters to her husbands every whim because she was terrified of losing him, but does not fall apart.

Alice was a shy wallflower and Joe is her knight in shining armor. Joe encouraged her to change her look and her interests, but at heart Alice dreams of a quiet life in the country. Joe, on the other hand, loves life in the city, especially the bevy of beautiful women who catch his eye. Joe wants to be faithful to Alice, but he just can’t help himself. When Josie, a beautiful, sophisticated colleague finally gives into his advances, Joe is thrilled, until an ill-advised romp in the office reveals their affair. Joe’s bosses promptly transfer him to New York. Alice, who doesn’t know the reason behind the transfer, is upset until Joe promises her the country house she’s always longed for. As Alice starts to rediscover her old self, she and Joe grow farther and farther apart.

To Have and To Hold was the first in a long line of books that I downloaded for my Kindle. I wanted a light story and knew that Jane Green could deliver. I did enjoy this story, but wanted more from the ending. Even though I didn’t enjoy this book as much I have her others (Jemima J and Second Chance) I look forward to reading more from her. I am hoping that they will indeed make the story continue so that I can see where Alice goes from here.


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