Hair do? Hair don’t?

Today I was looking around the internet for something for the apartment and a cute little gift to get a friend. Out of the blue I came across a couple of hair styles that I think I might want to try. I have had my hair grow out the last couple of months and I am not sure what kind of cut I want.  Why is it so hard for a girl to find a good haircut? And how do I really know that it is going to look good on me?

There are two completely different styles that I came across.  Either the layered look as per Jennifer Gardner or the bob look as per Ashley Greene.

Oh the choices! Le Sigh.




3 thoughts on “Hair do? Hair don’t?

  1. I would love to have hair like Jennifer. Alas, my hair is too fine to keep it that long. I finally found a hair cut that really works for me about a year or so ago.

    If you have really nice hair try the longer layered look! Your hair dresser should be able to tell you what type of cut would match well for your hair type and face shape.

    How long is your hair now? If you wanted to send a pic I could give a more informed opinion 🙂

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