Oooo! Coffee high!

Coffee. It is usually the first thing that people grab in the morning. Who cares about breakfast? Coffee stat! When I drink coffee I need a lot of sugar and milk. The buzz I get off a half of a cup makes my co-workers laugh because I talk a mile a minute and giggle at everything. An hour later I am spent. I am a bad coffee drinker.

Lucky for me I feel that I have found a happy medium. Starbucks has a new ready brew instant coffee. Just add water and go. Instead of water I add a hot chocolate packet (make as directed), half of the coffee packet and a bit of milk. It is surprisingly good! It doesn’t give me as much of a buzz as a regular coffee and it tastes delish! I love Starbucks coffee, but usually only stop in and treat myself every once and a while. I can indulge in a cup of their coffee by brewing it at home – without all of the calories and it is way more affordable. Do try it! Let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “Oooo! Coffee high!

  1. *looks at huge, extra large, extra dark roast mug of kicking horse coffee*



    *pours another 700ml*

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