Ten Things I’m Really Loving Right Now…

Ten Things I’m Really Loving Right Now…

1. Snowtubing. A new love of mine. I did it over the weekend and it made me feel like a kid again!

2. Happy Hour. Who doesn’t love to meet up with friends after work to have a drink and great conversation?

3. Pasta with cheese. Mmmm…I love a good pasta dish with cheese sprinkled on top and a slice of garlic bread. Perfection for dinner.

4. Meeting new people. The kind that you can instantly connect with and wonder why you had never met before. I met so many great people over this weekend. I can’t wait to see where the friendships lead.

5. DIY projects. I found another project that I am dying to work on. Frosted glass doily mirror. Thinking of make a bunch of different mirrors in different shapes and sizes. Now I just have to figure out where I am going to put them!

6. Being in love. Who doesn’t love that?

7. Krista Huot. I desperately want a painting by her. I adore The Poisoned Apple.

8. Candy hearts. They really only come out around this time of the year. They are tasty in that totally fake kind of way.

9. Statement Jewelry. Who doesn’t love a piece that stands out from the rest? Always a conversation starter.

10. The Sartorialist. I could say it a thousand times…I love this site! I wish that I could pull off some of the styles the people who are featured wear. It is my dream to one day dress as half as good as they do.


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