Ooo a new toy!

As a child you always have a new toy that was your favorite. One that you always went to when you needed something to play with. My iPod Touch is my new favorite toy. I can’t tell you how much I love this thing. On a whim the other day I bought one. Ever since it came into our house I haven’t been able to keep my hands off it.

My favorite Application so far is the game Bejeweled.  I am constantly trying to get a better score on it.  Have you played?

The only bad thing about getting a new iTouch was that my whole library from iTunes was deleted when I had to do a factory reboot of my computer due to a virus.  No I did not back it up.  Yes I had a lot of music on it.  Yes I have been spending every minute I have trying to reload all of the music.  It is a long journey yet one I am glad that I am going on.  I am able to go through each disk I have and really fill my new Touch with music that I love.  I had full albums on my last iPod that I didn’t listen to often.  Now I am just adding music that I am completely in love with.  New songs and old.  Ooo gotta go…time to reload another cd and beat my last score on Bejeweled!


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