Go out…do it. Get to it!

I am so ashamed to say that I haven’t done much on my “Do Before I Die List”. I really need to get a grasp on life and really live it. Do you have a list that you have that you been meaning to do? Go out…do it. Get to it! I know I am going to!

“Do Before I Die”

Swim with dolphins/Go whale watching/Travel to Europe/Scuba dive in Australia/Fly in a hot air balloon/Go white water rafting/See the Eifle Tower in person/Take a hike in a rainforest/See an active volcano in Hawaii/Have the body of my dreams/Visit California/Be completely dept free/ Write a best seller/Become good at something meaningful/Have at least one child/Own a home/Take a camping trip in Maine/Write a screenplay/Influence my kids as much as my parents have influenced me/Give blood/Learn to play the guitar or piano/Kayak in the ocean/Spend the night on a boat/Sing karaoke/Take a cruise/Learn French/See the Grand Canyon/Travel cross country/See the Northern Lights/Ride a gondola in Venice/See the Great Wall of China/Learn to ballroom dance/Learn to ride a horse/Sell some of my baked goods/Learn self defense/Learn yoga/ Win the lottery/Take a cooking class and learn to cook better/Learn to sew/Buy a new car/Visit Alaska/Stay in a suite of a 5 star hotel/Take a photograph I can proudly hang on my wall/Attend a major film festival/Make someone cry with happiness/Plant a tree/Brew my own beer/Get a personal massage/Write my will/ Spend a night in a castle/Make my own cookbook/Ride on a motercycle/Save enough to live comfortably during retirement/Learn to drive stick shift/Run in marathon/Learn to make the perfect cheesecake/ Visit Yosemite National Park/Open my own cafe/bakery/ Start my own business/Visit the Vatican City/Visit the Louvre/Go fishing/Grow my own garden/Learn to shoot a gun/Paint a Picture Good Enough to Hang on the Wall/Save my Pocket Money for a Month and Spend It All at Once/Research my Family Tree/Meet Someone Famous/Ride something bigger than a horse (elephant maybe?)/Travel somewhere by train/Cross a glacier on foot/Learn how to make a national dish/Travel to Germany and experience Oktoberfest/Fall deeply in love – helplessly and unconditionally/Sit on a jury/Shower in a waterfall/Drive across America from coast to coast/Own one very expensive but absolutely wonderful item/ Lose more money than I can afford in Vegas/ Make bread from scratch/ Visit Paris/ See a bullfight/See a space shuttle launch/ Go snowtubing/ Go on a camping trip/ Experience a Rollerderby/Have a croissant at a French cafe/Go berry picking and make pies/Plan my wedding/Give birth/Go Dog sledding/ Swing down a huge zip line/Go Parasailing/Restore contact with three people I’ve lost along the way/Learn to blow glass


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