Ten Things I’m Really Loving Right Now…

1. Being productive. SO much is getting done for the wedding. Save-the-dates will be going out by the end of the week, we have booked our dj, appointments for the florists are made. Invitations are in the works and so many other things are getting done. I am so excited.

2. Glee. I just re-watched the older episodes and I can’t wait for it to start back up this week!!

3. Sunlight lasting well into the evening. I love coming home and it being light out. It makes the day feel so much better.

4. Windows open when I am sleeping. The cool breeze while I sleep is amazing – makes me sleep so much better and deeper.

5. Avocados. Mmmm…soooo good!

6. Walks in the park. I love walking hand in hand with my honey and experiencing the fresh air and the plants blooming.

7. The little details of our wedding. The songs we are picking out. Our guest sign in. Our thoughts.

8. Margaritas with new friends. I love learning about people and experiencing things in a new light. Always fun.

9. Southern Weddings Magazine Blog. What an inspiration.

10. Laughing. I can’t get enough of it. Who doesn’t love a good laugh?


3 thoughts on “Ten Things I’m Really Loving Right Now…

  1. I am really enjoying many of things right now as well! Specifically numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. Number 1 for me is being super productive in the yard getting it all ready for planting flowers and veggies and general cleanup/landscaping. Glad the wedding planning is going so well!

  2. IMSOEXCITEDFORGLEEOHMYGOLLY. I’m on the West Coast…one more hour.

    I love these posts — I discover all the cool things we have in common. Like a love for avocados. And Glee. And windows open at night (I wish I could open mine, but it gets too loud to sleep if I do).

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