Spring cleaning – My body

I love warm winter foods, but by the time spring rolls around I have had about as much chili, soups and stews as I can take. My body and mind are telling me to break out the lemon, salads and light dinners.

I am also looking to spring clean my body due to the wedding. I want to eat as healthy as possible and feel better. No more being tired all the time. NO more eating out as much. Weight needs to be lost (and not much time to do it), but also I want to feel as best as I can.

Foods that I am going to try to cut out:

1. Sugar. This one is going to be a hard one for me. I am know as the “dessert girl”. Always making desserts for every occasion. BUT it doesn’t help that I snack on them before I take them somewhere. A girl has to know it is good right? Right?

2. Caffeine. This one is going to be pretty easy. I am not an avid coffee drinker. I am a tea girl through and through. Decaf all the way.

3. Breads and pastas. Oh boy is this going to be tough. I crave breads constantly. Pasta is always the easiest thing to make when you come home at seven and are exhausted.

So good-bye to all of the great cookie, cake and pie recipes I have bookmarked. Hello to cooking lighter and with more vegetables.

Wish me luck – I think I am going to need it.


2 thoughts on “Spring cleaning – My body

  1. If I see another soup, chili, or stew, I will run screaming. So over it. LOL

    There’s a great mag called “Clean Eating” that has recipes along the lines of what you’re looking for. Yummy stuff.

  2. Oh my golly. Danielle, I so admire you. Breads and pastas? I wouldn’t survive. I know this. I’ve discovered that I need a good balance of breads with other foods otherwise I end up binging on bread. Good luck with these resolutions!

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