Photographer = booked

I am so excited. Yesterday we were able to book our photographer. K and I have been looking for a while, but didn’t find anyone really loved yet. We had made an appointment to meet with the house photographer at our reception hall soon after we had our tasting. They had taken a picture of us at the tasting that everyone is in love with. My mom seriously wants to steal it from our apartment.
So yesterday we met with John of John Agnello Photography. I am completely in love with his style and how his pictures look. Seeing them on the website is nothing like seeing them in person. He knew exactly what we were looking for and what kind of style we wanted. Now I can’t wait till October to take the pictures!!


3 thoughts on “Photographer = booked

  1. Danielle, please tell me you’ll share pictures after your wedding. This photographer is fantastic and I can’t wait to see what your photos look like!

  2. AWH, this photo looks amazing, I love it!!! Hope to see more of the photos, they’re really good. Thanks for sharing , and looking forward to more of those! 😀

    Congratulations, I’m excited for you!

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